LEVEL: 2nd

CASTING TIME: 1 Response *

Vary/Space: 5 ft

Elements: V, S, M

Length: Instantaneous 1 Spherical

Faculty: Conjuration

Assault/Save: DEX Save

Injury/Impact: Fight (…)

This spell ought to goal an attacker those that has been triggered a response. As per this spell a swirling mist shall be appeared round some attackers weapon. Nonetheless the attacker ought to take a dexterity save. Anyway on a Cross the assault has been resolved as regular. Nonetheless on a Fail roll a D8, the assault has been resolved towards to any goal which is occupying the corresponding house adjoining to a attacker. A 1 shall be a caster, with the squares numbered clockwise, if an area has been unoccupied an assault is unsuccessful.