LEVEL: third


Vary/Space: 120 ft (30 ft )

Elements: V, S

Length: 1 Minute

College: Evocation

Assault/Save: CON Save

Injury/Impact: Acid

As per this dnd 5e homebrew spell you may create a 20-foot dice of acid inside vary. Often, the realm shall grow to be like a tough terrain. Every creature which begins in an space ought to make a structure save or takes 4d4 acid harm, suppose, in the event that they save efficiently the creature would take half the harm. For each 5 ft they may transfer within the puddle they take 2d4 acid harm.

At increased ranges:

Everytime you forged this spell through the use of a spell slot of 4th slot or increased, the realm has been elevated to a 30 ft dice.