Range/Area 60 feet

Components: V, S, M *

Duration: 1 hour

School Abjuration

Attack/Save: None

Damage/Effect Piercing (…)

This dnd5e homebrew spell will create a protective magic force around you or another target. It will grow different thorns, vines and other magical effects that surround the target and his equipment. Usually, the target shall be gain 5 various  temporary hit points for a particular duration. If a creature hits the target by melee while it has all the hit points, the creature will be dealt 5 piercing injury. His melee attacks will be dealt 1d4 more piercing damage, provided the target is not covered with thorns or vines. The creature is also vulnerable to fire.

Higher Levels

Whenever you cast this dnd 5e Zofnir´s Armor of Thorns homebrew spell by using a spell slot of 2nd level or even higher, then both the temporary hit points and also the piercing damage shall be increased by 5 for each slot.