This dnd 5e younger inexperienced dragon monster has finest options corresponding to traits, actions and likewise the attributes. We now have talked about all of them within the beneath strains and together with the desk too. So verify them you would possibly like to make use of this dnd monster.


Amphibious: The Younger Inexperienced Dragon has functionality to breathe air and likewise to breathe water.


Multiattack: The dragon has functionality to make three assaults corresponding to: one with its chew and remaining two with its claws.

Chew: With this chew assault it could actually use Melee Weapon Assault: +7 to hit, attain 10 ft., one goal. Additionally hit: 15 (2d10 + 4) piercing injury plus 7 (2d6) poison injury.

Claw: With this claw assault it could actually use Melee Weapon Assault: +7 to hit, attain 5 ft., one goal. Hit: 11 (2d6 + 4) slashing injury.

Poison Breath (Recharge 5-6): Through the use of its breathe the younger inexperienced dragon can exhales toxic fuel in a 30-foot cone. Every creature in that individual space should make a DC 14 Structure saving throw, additionally taking 42 (12d6) poison injury on a selected failed save, or else half as a lot injury on a profitable one.

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Attributes Of Younger Inexperienced Dragon Monster

AC 18 (Pure Armor)
Alignment Lawful Evil
CHA 15
CON 17
Problem Ranking 8
Situation Immunities Poisoned
DEX 12
HP 136 (16d10+48)
INT 16
Immunities Poison
Languages Widespread, Draconic
Passive Notion 17
Roll 0 Chew 1d20 + 7 2d10+4+2d6
Roll 1 Claw 1d20 + 7 2d6+4
Roll 2 Poison Breath 1d20 + 0 12d6
STR 19
Saving Throws Dex +4, Con +6, Wis +4, Cha +5
Senses Blindsight 30 Ft., Darkvision 120 Ft.
Measurement Massive
Abilities Deception +5, Notion +7, Stealth +4
Pace 40 ft., fly 80 ft., swim 40 ft.
Kind dragon
WIS 13