The Wyvern 5E Monster attributes and actions are available. These topics are covered. They are now available to be viewed. We hope they prove useful. We’ll start with traits and then move on to attributes.

Take Action

Multiattack: The wyvern beast can launch two attacks, one with its own. Take a biteAnd another one by its stinger. While it is flying, it can replace an attack with its claws.

Take a bite: The Wyvern creature 5e can use this bite attack to make Melee weapon Attack: +7 to hit and reach 10 feet. Only one creature. Also, hit: 11 (2d6+4) piercing.

ClawsThis bite attack can be used by the Wyvern monster 5e to make Melee Weapon Damage: +7 to hit, reach five feet, and one target. It also has the Hit 13 (2d8 +4) which is slashing.

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StingerThis is another attack by the Wyvern Monster 5e. The stinger attack can make the monster Melee Weapon Attack +7 to hit, reach ten feet., one creature. The hit is 11 (2d6 + 4), piercing damage. Also, the target must make DC 15 Constitution saves. The DC 15 Constitution saves allows for 24 poison damage (or half the damage if a save is successful) to the target.

Attributes Of Wyvern 5E Monster

AC 13 (Natural Armor).
Alignment Unaligned
CON 16
Challenge Rating 6
DEX 10
HP 110 (13d10+39).
Passive Perception 14
Roll 0 1d20 + 7 d6+4
Roll 1 1d20 + 7 d8+4
Roll 2 1d20 + 7 d6+4
STR 19
Senses Darkvision 60 Ft.
Size Large
Skills Perception +4
Speed 20 ft. Fly 80 ft.
Type Dragon
WIS 12