Daylight Sensitivity: Throughout within the daylight, this wight dnd 5e monster has drawback on an assault roll, in addition to on the Knowledge (notion) checks which depend on the sight.


Multiattack: Normally, the wight monster could make two Longsword assaults or else two longbow assaults. It may well really use its Life drain to interchange one Longsword Assault.

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Life Drain: Really, the life drain motion Melee Weapon Assault: +4 to hit, attain 5ft., one creature. Hit:5 (1d6+2) necrotic injury. After all right here the goal ought to be succeed on a DC 13 Structure saving throw or else its hit level that most is diminished by an quantity equal to the injury taken. This discount will proceed till the goal is at relaxation. This Impact will cut back the goal’s hit level to 0.

Nevertheless the humanoid slain by this assault would elevate 24 hours after as a Zombie below the wight’s management, until a humanoid has been restored to the life or else its physique has been destroyed. The wight monster can’t have greater than 12 Zombies below its command without delay.

Longsword: Melee Weapon Assault: +4 to hit, attain 5 ft., one goal. Hit: 6 (1d8 + 2) slashing injury, or 7 (1d10 + 2) slashing injury if used with two fingers.

Longbow: Ranged Weapon Assault: +4 to hit, vary 150/600 ft., one goal. Hit: 6 (1d8+2) piercing injury.

Attributes Of Wight DnD 5E Monster

AC 14 (Studded Leather-based)
Alignment Impartial Evil
CHA 15
CON 16
Problem Ranking 3
Situation Immunities exhaustion, poisoned
DEX 14
HP 45 (6d8+18)
INT 10
Immunities poison
Languages The Languages It Knew In Life
Passive Notion 13
Resistances necrotic; Bludgeoning, Piercing, and Slashing From Nonmagical Assaults That Aren’t Silvered
Roll 0 Life Drain 1d20 + 4 1d6+2
Roll 1 Longsword 1d20 + 4 1d8+2
Roll 2 Longbow 1d20 + 4 1d8+2
STR 15
Senses Darkvision 60 Ft.
Measurement Medium
Expertise Notion +3, Stealth +4
Pace 30 ft.
Sort undead
WIS 13