Then you draw on their deepest fears to create an illusory creature in the minds. Even they don’t see these illusory creatures.

A creature must be within a radius of 30 feet and must save at least one point. The creature that fails to save is frightened for the duration.

The illusion actually invokes fear in the creature and triggers its deepest fears. Each fearful creature must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw at the end to avoid taking 4d10 psychic damage. If the save succeeds, then the spell is over.

Attributes Of Weird 5E Spell

Casting time 1 action
Classes Wizard
Components V
Concentration Yes
Injuries 4d10
Types of damage Psychic
Durability As little as 1 minute
Level 9
Name Weird
Range 120 feet
Save Wisdom
School Illusion
Target Each creature is contained in a sphere with a radius of 30 feet, and centered at a point within your chosen range.