You have to choose from among the nonmagical creatures and objects you can see within a specified range. You can transform the creature into a different creature or into an item. The transformation lasts only for the duration of the spell or until the target reaches 0 hit points or dies. Focus on the True Polymorph 5E Spell to complete the transformation.

The spell does not affect shapechangers. Willing creatures who make a wisdom saving attempt are not affected by this spell. It is not affected if it succeeds. The d&d5e magic can’t affect targets with 0 hit points.

Creature into Creature:

To transform a creature from one type to another, it must have a challenge rating equal (or lower) than the target’s or its level if none exists. The target’s game statistics are replaced by the statistics of the new form. It also has to have a high score in mental abilities. It maintains its alignment, personality.

The target will take some hit points from the new form. It will take some hit points back to normal when it is returned to its original form. If the target is normal again, it will receive 0 hit point. Any damage above this threshold will be carried over to the target’s normal state. It will remain conscious as long as it does not take more damage than its normal form and reduce its hit points to zero.

Due to its new form, the creature’s abilities are limited. It is unlikely that the creature can speak or cast magic spells.

The gear of the target merges to create a new shape. It cannot use, wield, or benefit from any equipment.

Object into Creature:

True Polymorph 5e can transform any object into any type of creature. It’s possible only if the creature is smaller than the object and the creature has a challenge rating of at least 9. This makes the creature friendlier for you and your friends. It will respond to your every move. You can choose to take any action, but it can also move in a specific way. The DM has all statistics about the creature and can resolve any actions or movements.

You can’t control the creature if this spell is permanent. You can still make it friendly, but that will depend on how you treat the creature.

Creature into Object:

You can transform a creature into an object by changing its stats. The creature’s stats are transformed into the object’s and the creature has no way of knowing how long it was there. The creature can always return to its original form after the spell is over.

Attributes of True Polymorph 5E Spell

Casting Time 1 Action
Classes Bard, Warlock, and Wizard
Components V S M
Concentration Yes
Durability As little as 1 hour
Niveau 9
Material A drop of mercury and a teaspoon of gum arabic.
Name True Polymorph
Range 30 feet
School Transmutation
Target You can see one nonmagical creature or creature within your range