False Appearance: This treant dnd beast 5e is still motionless but it is actually indistinguishable to the normal tree.

Siege Monster: This treant 5e monster does double damage to both objects and structures.


Multiattack: Two slam attacks can be made by the treant dnd beast.

Slam: Melee Weapon Attack – +10 to hit. Reach 5 feet., one target. Hit: 16 (3d6+6) bludgeoning damages.

Rock: Ranged weapon attack: +10 to hit. Maximum range 60/180 feet. Target: One. Hit: 28 (4d10 + 6), bludgeoning.

Animate Trees (1/Day).: In fact, the treant-dnd monster will magically activate one or two trees it can see within 60 yards. These trees look similar to treants but have an Intelligence score 1 and a Charisma score 1. They cannot talk and only have the Slam option. An animated tree acts as an ally for a treant. The tree will remain an animate until it dies. Unless the treant dies or it is over 120 feet away, or until the bonus action of the treant to make it an inanimate tree. If possible, the tree will grow.

Attributes Of Treant DnD5E Monster

AC 16 (Natural Armor).
Alignment Chaotic Good
CHA 12
CON 21
Challenge Rating 9
HP 138 (12d12+60).
INT 12
Languages Common, Druidic and Elvish, Sylvan
Passive Perception 13
Resistances Bludgeoning, Piercing
Roll 0 Slam 1d20 + 103d6+6
Roll 1 Rock 1d20 +10 4d10+6
STR 23
Size Huge
Speed 30 ft.
Type Plant
Vulnerabilities Fire
WIS 16