Toll The Dead 5e Spill allows you to point at a single creature within a given range. Additionally, the sound and vibration of a dolorous bell fills any air around it for a particular moment. The target must make a Wisdom Saving Throw or take 1d8 Necrotic Damage. If the target fails to hit any of its hit points, it will instead take 1d12 damage.

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At higher levels:

dnd5e Toll The Death Spell damage would rise by one die. You can see the damage at each level. For example, at 5th or 11th levels (the damage is 2d8/2d12), at 17th or at 17th (4d8/4d12) and at 17th (4d8/4d12).

Attributes of Toll The Dead DnD5E Spell

Casting Time 1 action
Range 60 feet
Components V, S
Time Instantaneous
School Necromancy
Niveau Cantrip
Classes Cleric, Warlock and Wizard


No damage: At 1st level: 1d8, 5th: 2d8, 11th: 3d8, 17th: 4d8….etc

Damage At 1st level: 1d12, 5th: 2d12, 11th: 3d12, 17th: 4d12…..etc

Casting time: 1 Action

There are many options 60 feet

Duration: Instantaneous

Savings throws WIS

Components: Verbal and Somatic

School Necromancy

Type of damage: Necrotic

Alternative uses of toll the dead

The best way to use this outside of combat is to substantiate your deity’s existence and power whenever someone disagrees with you. If somebody tries to make you change your ways, then this cantrip is easily cast and it acts as if he is using his power directly from your patron. All of this stuff requires Dungeon Master approval.

D&D 5E Toll the Dead VS Sacred Flame

Among these two dnd spells such as toll the dead and sacred flame there is a major difference which is beside what you’ve listed was sacred flame could deal a radiant damage vs toll the dead which is dealing Necrotic damage, which could almost be relevant to it. The only thing that is different about PC flavor is the other.

You must also remember that the toll on the dead is stronger if you’re a death domain cleric, as the reaper may allow you to target any one of two creatures.

The toll on the dead is higher, but it is less resistible than the sacred flame. There are also many boss monsters with high WIS and low DEX. Of course, this all depends on what you run into. On average, most players want to toll the dead. However, the margin isn’t very large.

The toll on the dead is greater, but many cleric players wish to use sacred flame to get a pure flavor.

Eldritch Blast and Toll of the Dead

Overview of Eldritch Blast

  • It is capable of crit.
  • Because it is not all or nothing, it cantrip damage is more constant.
  • You already have a lot of spells that target wisdom like a bard. A spell which is against AC diversifies any attack options.
  • It is able to gain an edge on the roll.
  • Some things might not be susceptible to being made necrotic. However, almost nothing is immune to force.
  • It can also be used to separate attacks from different creatures.

Overview of Toll of the Dead

  • It basically has  higher base damage like a d12 (it actually an easy to condition for meeting, so that it should always be a d12 outside to the edge case)

  • Usually, wisdom is a better stat than AC for targeting.
  • It’s more flavorful
  • All or nothing for the particular damage, whereas EB is the most consistent
  • It’s a rolling fun d12
  • It does not suffer from the adverse conditions that can be created by an attack
  • It overlooks the cover.