All magiccasters, welcome! This article will be discussing tasha’s hideous laughter 5e spell This spell is amazing. It can be used both by the bard as well as the wizard and is included within the good players’ manual. This article will cover everything you need to know about the spell, its operation and level. Before we go into the details, let me make a quick announcement.


1st-level Enchantment

  • Casting Time 1 action
  • There are many options 30 feet
  • Components: V (Verbal), S (Somatic), M(Material), (tiny tarts, and a feather that’s waved in the sky)
  • Duration: Concentration for up to 1 minute
  • Effect: Wisdom save should be made for any creature within your range that you can see. They fall unconscious from laughter, and then they become permanently incapacitated. They save at the end of each turn or when they are done with the damage. If the save is activated when they take damage, they roll with advantage. This save does not apply to creatures below 4 intelligence.

Cast time is one standard action. It is 30 feet in range. It takes about a minute to cast. But it is concentration so bear that in your mind. Let’s take a closer look at this description.


You can see any type of creature within an acceptable range. Tasha’s Hideous laughter 5E Spell will make them laugh if it is used. To avoid falling prone, the target must make the wisdom saving throw. This is when the target becomes incapacitated and can’t stand for a certain time. A creature with a score of less than 4 is not affected.

The target may make another wisdom save throw at the end each turn, or when it takes damage. The target has an advantage over the saving throw if the spell is triggered by damage. If it succeeds, the spell will be ended.

Spell Lists Bard, Wizard

This is great stuff. This is a great idea. It’s very well written and opens up for roleplay. The incapacitated state is a brand new term. The incapacitated condition is a new term. There are also disadvantages to its attack rules. An attack that is less than five feet from the attacker will result in a disadvantage. It is possible to get close enough to the attacker and quickly beat them up.

Let’s now look at other uses.

There are other uses

Two would be enough. It would be used to guard. It would make sense to use it with a guard. It’s best to make sure that they have fun and then stealthily do it. As a decoy, you might invite a friend to join and tell some woodie stories. This could be done in a pub, or any other place where people joke.

You can also use this magic to stop a creature from moving. This combination of being prone and falling incapitated makes it a good choice to put some cuffs on someone or restrain them. This spell can be used for many purposes.

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