Blood Drain: This stirge dnd 5e monster could make a Melee Weapon Assault: +5 to hit, attain 5 ft., one creature. Hit: 5 (1d4 + 3) piercing injury, and the stirge attaches to the goal. Whereas it has connected, the stirge doesn’t assault. However as a substitute of this, initially of every of the stirge’s turns, and even the goal might loses 5 (1d4 + 3) Hit factors as a result of blood loss.

Truly, the stirge might detach itself by spending nearly 5 ft of its motion. The it does so after it could be drain 10 Hit factors of the blood from a goal or else the goal could be die. Usually, a creature, which is together with a goal, in a position to make use of its motion to detach the stirge.

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Attributes Of Stirge DnD 5E Monster

AC 14 (Pure Armor)
Alignment Unaligned
CON 11
Problem Ranking 1/8
DEX 16
HP 2 (1d4)
Passive Notion 9
Roll 0 Blood Drain 1d20 + 5 1d4+3
Senses Darkvision 60 Ft.
Dimension Tiny
Velocity 10 ft., fly 40 ft.
Sort beast