To protect yourself, you can call upon spirits. They usually hover around you for up to 15 feet, and will only stay there for a certain duration. Their spectral forms will look either angelic, fey or neutral depending on whether or not you’re good or neutral. They will also appear evil if you are fiendish.

You can name any number of creatures you see unaffected when you cast the Spirit Guardians 5E magick. The speed of the affected creature in an area is often halved. The creature should attempt a Wisdom saving throw if it enters the area for the second or third time. If the save fails the creature will take 3d8 radiate (if you’re good or neutral), and 3d8 neonotic (if evil). If the save succeeds, the creature takes half of the damage.

At higher levels:

The damage you inflict when casting the 5e Spirit Guardians spell with the spell slots of 4th level or higher, will be 1d8 for each level beyond the 3.

Attributes of DnD 5E Spirit Guardians

Casting time 1 action
Classes Cleric
Components V S M
Concentration Yes
Injuries 3d8
Types of Damage Radiant/Necrotic
Durability Maximum of 10 minutes
Higher Spell slot Desc Cast this spell with a spell slot at 4th or higher level. The damage is increased by 1d8 for every slot level above 3.
Spell Dice with Higher Value 1
Higher Spell Slots d8
Niveau 3
Material A holy symbol
Name Spirit Guardians
Range Self (15-foot radius)
School Conjuration
Target Self (15-foot radius)