This dnd 5e feat is offered in Unearthed Arcana 15 – Feats.

Though the spear is the straightforward weapon to be taught, it really, rewards you for a specific time which you’ve been taken to grasp it. With this spear mastery 5e feat you may acquire the beneath talked about advantages:

  • You possibly can acquire a +1 bonus to assault rolls that you just make with a spear.
  • Everytime you use a spear, then it’s harm cube that adjustments from the d6 to d8, additionally from a d8 to a d10 each time it wielded by two palms. (Mainly, this profit has no impact when if one other function has already been improved a weapon’s die.)
  • Anyway you may simply set your spear with a purpose to obtain the cost. Like a bonus motion, you may choose a creature that you might see which is at the least 20 toes away from you. But when that particular creature strikes inside your spear’s attain upon its subsequent flip, you might simply make the melee assault which is in opposition to to it along with your spear like a response. But when an assault hits, the goal shall take an additional 1d8 piercing harm, or else an additional 1d10 piercing harm should you shall wield a spear by it’s two palms. You can’t even use this skill if a creature used the Disengage motion earlier than it’s shifting.
  • Like a bonus motion in your flip, you’ll be able to improve your attain by a spear by 5 toes for the remainder of your flip.