Angelic Weapons: The solar’s weapon shall attack are magical. The weapon can deal additional 6d8 radiant damage to the solar when it hits any weapon.

Divine Awareness: The solar can tell if the lie is being told by dnd monsters.

Innate Spellcasting: The solar’s spell casting ability is charisma (spell save DC 25). The solar can cast the spells listed below automatically, and they don’t require any material components.

At your will: Detect Evil, Good, and Invisibility (self only).

Each 3 days: Blade Barrier, Dispel Evil, Good, Resurrection

Each: 1/day Control Weather, Commune

Magic Resistance: The Magic Resistance gives the solar monster an advantage in saving against spells and other magical effects.


Multiattack: Here, the solar can make two Greatsword strikes.

GreatswordThis greatsword action can be used by the dnd Solar monster to make a Melee Weapon attack: +15 to hit, reach five feet, and one target. It also deals 22 (4d6 + 8) slashing and 27 (6d8) radiant damages.

Longbow SlayingThis slaying longbow action can be used to make a ranged weapon attack against the monster. Hit: 15 (2d8 + 6) piercing damage plus 27 (6d8) radiant damage. If a target creature has less than 100 Hit points, it must succeed on a DC 15 Constitution saving throw.

Flying Sword: A solar has given its greatsword to the solar so that it can hover magically in an empty space of 5 feet. Imagine a solar seeing the sword and being able to mentally command it to fly at 50ft. and also it either make an attack against to a target or return to a solar’s hands. If the hovering blade is hit by an effect, it will be considered that the solar is holding it. The solar’s death will cause the hovering blade to fall.

Healing Touch (4/Day).: The solar beast touches another creature. The target can also miraculously regain 40 (8d8 + 44) Hit points and is exempt from any type curse, disease, poison or blindness.

Legendary Actions

You can choose from the following options to give this monster three legendary actions. Of course only one legendary action could be used simultaneously, and only at an end of another creature’s turn. The legendary actions it has spent are redeemed at the beginning of each turn.

Teleport: The Solar Monster can magically teleport along with any type or equipment it is carrying up to 120ft. to an unoccupied area that it can see.

Searing Burst (Costs 2 Activities)The solar releases the magic, divine energy according to this legend. Every creature within a 10-foot radius of the solar should make a DC23 Dexterity saving throw. This includes taking 14(4d6) radiation damage and 14(4d6) damage for each failed save.

Blinding Gaze (Costs Three Actions): A creature within 30ft of a solar dnd5e monster is eligible for the solar dnd5e monster. If the target can see it then they should make a DC 15 constitution saving roll or be Blinded until magic like the Lesser Restoration spell is applied to remove the blindness.

Attributes of the Solar DnD 5E monster

AC 21 (Natural Armor).
Alignment Lawful Good
CHA 30
CON 26
Challenge Rating 21
Immunities to Condition Charmed, Exhaustion, Frightened, Poisoned
DEX 22
HP 243 (18d10+144).
INT 25
Immunities Necrotic, Poison
Languages All Telepathy 120 Ft.
Passive Perception 24
Resistances Radiant; Bludgeoning. Piercing. And Slashing from Nonmagical Attacks
Roll 0 Greatsword 1d20 +15 4d6+8+6d8
Roll 1 Slaying Longbow 1d20+13 2d8+6+6d8
STR 26
Throws that Save Int +14. Wis +14. Cha +17.
Senses Truesight 120 Ft.
Size Large
Skills Perception +14
Speed Fly 50 ft. at 150 ft.
Spell Book Detect Evil and Good, Invisibility Blade Barrier, Dispel Evil and Good, Resurrection. Commune.
Type Celestial
WIS 25