1st-level abjuration

Casting time: 1 minute

The range Touch

Components: V, S. M (30 feet of cordor rope, which is consumed in the spell).

Durability Until dispelled, triggered

The cord or any other rope can be used to create a 5-foot circle on any flat surface while you are casting the Snare magic spell. If the rope or cord are not used, the magic trope can be lost.

This trap is nearly invisibility. This trap also requires Intelligence (Investigation), which is required to check against your spell save DC.

You can activate the trap by placing a small creature (or larger) in an area that is protected from a spell. Otherwise, the trap will fall prone if it is triggered by a Dexterity save throw. It must also be lifted in the air at least 3 feet above any surface that is protected.

The restrained creature has the ability to make the Dexterity Saving Throw, but with some disadvantage at the end each turn. If it succeeds, the restrained effect can be stopped. A creature that can reach the restrained creature may use an action against your spell save DC to make an Intelligence (Arcana) check. If it succeeds, the restrained effect can be ended.

Spell listsThis is: Druid, Ranger, Wizard