Prerequisite: Intelligence/Wisdom of 13 and Higher

You are familiar with many spells and can use them in rituals. These spells can be found in a particular ritual book. When casting these spells, you should always have a copy with you.

If you use the dnd5e Ritual Caster feat, you can obtain a ritual book that contains two 1st-level spells. You can choose from the following classes: Bard. cleric? druid, sorcerer, warlockYou can also call it: wizard. All your spells must be selected from the class’s spell book. You must attach the ritual tag to all spells that you have selected. You must also attach the ritual tag to the chosen dnd class. Your ability to cast spells will also be affected by your choice of class. This includes Charisma, for sorcerers and warlocks; Wisdom, for clerics or the druids; as well as Intelligence, for wizards.

Once you have the spell in writing, you can use either a magic scroll or a wizard’s handbook to make it yourself. It must be listed for the chosen class. Its level cannot exceed 50% of your current level and must be labeled with a ritual label.

The procedure of copying the spell to your ritual book takes about 120 minutes (or two hours) and costs 50 gp each level. The 50 gp price represents the cost of materials that you use to create a spell and also to record it.