Area/Range: Unlimitable

Components: M

Duration: 5 Days

School Illusion

Attack/Save: None

The Nova, a monstrous being, was summoned by this “Reanimate”. Imagine the Nova, a monstrous being, eating one of your players. This spell will make it appear that the player is still breathing. Each player is in a different trance. Although they may feel as though they are moving, they might not. Each illusion was customized to the individual so each person could have their own space. After four days of pretending that their dead teammates were still breathing, the illusion begins twisting. Each fake room where the deceased teammates were found began to leak blood from every crack. The player facing the dead player was at this point.

No matter how slow the dead player is or how sure they are, they will have to face them. Something was not right. The smile was even more disorganized and the eyes were wider. Before the player realized what was going on, the room was restored to its original condition. Although the player may not be able move, they will still do so. The voice of the dead player started to grow louder and insistent. Nova can then end the trance. It usually lasts about one day. Each player received 4d6 mental injury.