Prerequisite: Spellcasting or Pact Magic function

You’ve been discovered about learn how to exert your will in your spells for the alter how they might operate:

  • You do study two sorts of Metamagic choices relies upon upon your alternative from a sorcerer class. You may simply use solely single Metamagic possibility on a spell everytime you solid it, except till the choice says in any other case. Everytime you would attain a specific stage which grants a capability rating Enchancment function, you’re additionally in a position to substitute certainly one of these Metamagic choices with an one other one from a sorcerer class.
  • Right here you may have an opportunity to achieve for two sorcery factors with a view to spend on Metamagic (normally, these factors are added to any sorcery factors you may have from one other supply however can be utilized solely on Metamagic). You may even regain all spent sorcery factors everytime you end an extended relaxation.