As a participant of this medusa 5e monster you’ll be able to achieve the traits and actions we now have talked about all of them within the beneath traces you’ll be able to try them now.


Petrifying Gaze: Each time the creature which might see the medusa’s eyes begins its flip inside 30ft., of the medusa, often, the medusa monster might pressure it to make a DC14 Structure saving throw if this medusa just isn’t Incapacitated and will see the creature. Nonetheless if the saving throw shall fail by 5 or extra, then the creature is immediately petrified. Or else, a creature which is fail a save begins to show to stone and it has been restrained. Really, the restrained creature which fails a save begins to show to be stone and has been restrained. Nonetheless the restrained creature must be repeat a saving throw at an finish of its subsequent flip, in an effort to turn into petrified on a failure or else ending an impact on the success. Nonetheless the petrification shall final till a creature freed by the Higher Restoration spell or different magic.

However until till the shocked, a creature might be avert its eyes in an effort to keep away from the saving throw at first of its flip. Anyway if a creature does so, it can’t be seen the medusa until till the beginning of its subsequent flip, every time it may be averted it’s eyes once more. If a creature appears at a medusa inside a meantime, it ought to instantly make a save.

Suppose, if a medusa sees itself mirrored on the polished floor inside 30ft., to it and in an space of the brilliant gentle, the medusa is, as a result of its curse, affected by its personal gaze.

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Multiattack: The medusa shall make both three melee assaults – reminiscent of one with its snake hair and remaining two with its shortsword-or else two ranged assaults by its longbow.

Snake Hair: The melee weapon assault:+5 to hit, attain 5ft., one creature. Hit: 4 (1d4+2) piercing harm plus 14 (4d6) poison harm.

Shortsword: As per this Shortsword the melee weapon assault:+5 to hit, attain 5ft., one goal. Hit: 5 (1d6 + 2) piercing harm.

Longbow: Ranged Weapon Assault: +5 to hit, vary 150/600 ft., one goal. Hit: 6 (1d8 + 2) piercing harm plus 7 (2d6) poison harm.

Attributes Of Medusa DnD 5E Monster

AC 15 (Pure Armor)
Alignment Lawful Evil
CHA 15
CON 16
Problem Score 6
DEX 15
HP 127 (17d8+51)
INT 12
Languages Widespread
Passive Notion 14
Roll 0 1d20 + 5 1d4+2
Roll 1 1d20 + 5 1d6+2
Roll 2 1d20 + 5 2d6
STR 10
Senses Darkvision 60 Ft.
Dimension Medium
Expertise Deception +5, Perception +4, Notion +4, Stealth +5
Pace 30 ft.
Sort monstrosity
WIS 13