This dnd 5e Mac-Fuirmidh cittern was the masterwork magic cittern  and it is likely one of the finest devices of the bards. Right here we now have included all of the details about this dnd 5e merchandise and you’ll verify it from under traces. So lets begin the tutorial now.

Description Of Mac-Fuirmidh Cittern D&D Merchandise

These Mac-Fuirmidh citterns had been primarily pear-shaped citterns that are just like lutes, after all they’re much extra superior in each method for extraordinary citterns. Comparable to the opposite devices of the bards, nevertheless they might solely be used extra effectively by the bards, and in addition they may very well be harmful if anybody else tried for enjoying or else to hold them.

Powers Of Mac-Fuirmidh Cittern Merchandise

The bards wielding the Mac-Fuirmidh cittern has their very own charming skills drastically amplified by their magic. Like all different devices of the bards, these cittern gadgets had their means of storing spells. The bard could also be enjoying a Mac-Fuirmidh cittern may very well be invoked the spells reminiscent of;  fly, invisibility, levitate, safety from evil and good, barkskin, remedy wounds and fog cloud each as soon as in a day, till that particular instrument has been recharged its magic at its subsequent daybreak.

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Historical past

Really, the primary Mac-Fuirmidh citterns had created by the legendary bard in a  Moonshae Isles that are named as Falataer. Nonetheless he has been used them to check and in addition reward the scholars of Mac-Fuirmidh degree of his bardic school, those that are got here to be regarded individually like a legendary bard school in its personal proper.

Over the precise time, a number of the different bards have been copied their authentic design, whereas they’re retaining the unique title within the Falataer’s honor.