Inexplicably, you have an uncanny ability to find the right moment for your luck.

Lucky dnd 5e feat normally has 3 luck points. Every time you make an attack roll or an ability check or a saving throw you can spend one luck point to be able to roll an additional 20. You can choose to spend one of the basic luck points to be rolling an extra d20. You can also spend one of your basic luck points to be rolling an additional d20 after every roll. However, the outcome will not have been determined. It is easy to choose which of the d20s you want to use for a specific attack roll or ability check or even a saving throw.

If you are the victim of an attack roll, you can spend one luck point. You have to roll d20 and then select whether the attack uses the attacker’s roll or yours.

Let’s say that more than one creature can spend a luck point to influence the outcome of the roll. The points can be cancelled each other; in normal circumstances, additional dice cannot be rolled.

When you take a long break, your expended luck points are redeemed.