The lizardfolk can pass an alien and also have the inscrutable mentality. Basically, all of their desires as well as thoughts are driven by a different set of basic principles to those of warm-blooded creature. Although their poor swamp homes may have been hundreds of miles away from any human settlement, the distance between their thinking and that of their smooth-skin is much greater.

Lizardfolk 5E Features

Below are all the traits and features of the dnd Lizardfok 5e Race. They are available for you to view now.

  • Capacity to Increase: This lizardfolk races will increase your constitution score by 2 and your wisdom score by 1.
  • Age Lizardfolks can attain maturity at an early age, usually 14 years old. They rarely live beyond 60 years.
  • Alignment Many lizardfolks can be described as neutral. They can see the world as a place where predators and prey are present, and they could also view life and death as natural processes. They will only want to survive and prefer to be left alone with other creatures.
  • Size These lizardfolks tend to be larger than humans, with a bulky appearance and even higher height. Always, your size is medium.
  • Speed As per this lizardfolk 5e race your base walking speed is 30 feet, and of course you’ve the swimming speed of 30 feet.

  • Take a bite The natural weapon was your fanged maw, which you could use to make unarmed strikes. You can hit it with the piercing attack, which is nearly equal to 1d6 + Strength modifier. However, this damage replaces the normal bludgeoning damage for unarmed strikes.
  • Cunning Artisan After a brief rest, you can harvest the bone, hide it from the slain creature, and construct, dragon or monstrosity of small size to make one of these items: a shield or club, a javelin or 1d4 darts, or blowgun needles. Basically, to use this trait you have to need to blade, such as the dagger, or appropriate artisan’s tools, such as leatherworker’s tools.
  • Take a deep, slow breath. You’re capable of holding your breath for almost up to 15 minutes at a time.
  • Hunter’s Lore: You can attain proficiency in two of the skills mentioned depending on your choice: Animal handling, Nature, Perception and Stealth.
  • Natural Armor This trait grants you the ability to have tough and scaly skin. But whenever you’re not wearing the armor, then your AC is 13 + your Dexterity modifier. You also have a chance to use your natural armor for determining your AC suppose the armor that you’ve weared would be leaved you with the lower AC. Of course a shield’s benefits will be applied to as normal during you use your natural armor.
  • Hungry Jaws In a battle, You’re capable to throw yourself into the vicious feeding frenzy.  So, as a bonus action, you’re able to make the special attack with your bite. If the attack hits, it will deal its normal dmage. You can also gain temporary hit points (minimum 1, equal to your Constitution modifier), but you cannot use this trait again and then unless you have completed a short rest or long rest.
  • Languages You are able to read, write, and speak the Common and Draconic languages.

These are the traits that make up the dnd5e lizardfolk races. If you have any questions about this race, or other topics related to the dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, we will be there for you.

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