One object may be touched in this light 5e if it is no larger than 10 feet in all dimensions. The object would emit bright light up to 20 feet from the beginning of the light spell 5e. It could also dim for another 20 feet. You can color the light however you like.

The spell covers the object completely with an opaque substance to block out the light. You have two options: you can cast it again, or you can simply dismiss the spell as an action.

Targeting this spell will affect any object that is held or worn. To avoid the dnd5e spell, this creature must make a successful dexterity saving throw.

Attributes Of Light 5E Spell

Casting Time 1 Action
Classes Bard, Cleric, Sorcerer, Wizard
Components V M
Durability 1 hour
Niveau 0
Material A firefly or phosphorescent moss
Name Light
Range Touch
School Evocation
Target One object no larger than 10ft in any dimension