In dungeons and dragons position enjoying recreation the leonin dnd 5e race guard the shining lands of Oreskos, often, the golden plain the place even completely different gods not often trespass. The Prides of those nomadic and lion-like humanoids are not often shall work together with another peoples, however having all of they want of their shimmering homeland and likewise figuring out the treachery of the strangers. However nonetheless, some leonin marvel what lies past to the Oreskos’s border the mountains and likewise search to check themselves in a wider world.

Leonin Options

Capacity Rating Enhance: As per this your capacity rating shall will increase by 2 and likewise your Power rating will increase by 1.

Age: The Leonin race mature and likewise age at a few comparable fee because the people.

Alignment: Right here the Leonin have a tendency in the direction of to the great alignments. Really, the leonin those that are centered on the pleasure lean in the direction of the lawful good.

Measurement: This leonins are usually over 6 ft tall, with some standing over the 7 ft. At all times your measurement is medium.

Pace: Your base strolling pace is 35 ft.

Darkvision: You’re simply in a position to see inside the dim gentle inside nearly 60 ft of you as if it was vibrant gentle and in a darkness as if it was dim gentle. In fact you cannot discern the colour in a darkness, however solely the shades of grey.

Claws: Your whole claws are pure weapons, which you’ll be able to use for making unarmed strikes. Suppose, when you hit with them, you possibly can simply deal slashing the harm which is the same as 1d4 + your Power modifier.

Hunter’s Instincts: You could have the proficiency in one of many talked about expertise of your alternative right here corresponding to: Athletics, Intimidation, Notion, or Survival.

Daunting Roar: As a bonus motion, you possibly can simply let loose of an particularly menacing roar. Often, the creatures these are relies upon upon your alternative inside 10 ft of you which ones could possibly be hear that you have to succeed on a selected Knowledge saving throw or else grow to be afraid of you until till the top of your subsequent flip. Additionally right here the DC of the save equals 8+your proficiency bonus + your Structure modifier. Nonetheless as soon as you employ this particular trait, you cannot use it once more till you end this a brief or lengthy relaxation.

Languages. You’ll be able to converse, learn, and write Frequent and Leonin.