On this dnd Legend Lore Spell 5E you may identify or describe an individual, place and even an object. Truly, the spell usually brings to your thoughts a short abstract of a big lore which is about to the factor you’ve named. The lore could be consisted of present tales, forgotten tales, or perhaps a secret lore which has by no means been extensively identified. Suppose, the factor you’ve named isn’t of legendary significance and you don’t achieve any info. So the extra info you’ve already concerning the factor and the extra exact and in addition detailed the data you do obtain is.

Truly, the data you be taught is correct however it could be couched within the figurative language. So right here we’re taking an occasion, in the event you’ve a mysterious magic axe on a hand, and the spell could be yield this info: woe to the evildoer whose hand can touches the axe, so for even the haft slices the hand of the evil ones. So solely a real youngster of the stone, lover and beloved of Moradin and in addition might awaken the true powers of the axe, and in addition solely with the sacred phrase Rudnogg on the lips.

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Attributes Of Legend Lore Spell

Casting Time 10 minutes
Lessons Bard, Cleric, Wizard
Elements V S M
Length Instantaneous
Stage 5
Materials Incense value at the least 250 gp, which the spell consumes, and 4 ivory strips value at the least 50 gp every
Title Legend Lore
Vary Self
Faculty Divination
Goal See textual content