Maintain Breath: This hydra monster capable of maintain its breath for an hour.

A number of Heads: This hydra monster has 5 heads. Due to it has greater than a head, then the hydra has a bonus on saving throws which is towards to being Blinded, Charmed, Deafened, Frightened, Shocked, and knocked Unconscious. However every time this hydra monster takes 25 or else extra injury within the single flip, then certainly one of its heads will die. If all of its heads die, then the hydra will die.

After all an finish of its flip, it should develop two heads for every of its heads which has been died since its final flip, however until it has taken fireplace injury because it final flip. Lastly, the hydra might regain 10 Hit factors for every of its head regrown on this manner.

Reactive Heads: For every of the pinnacle the hydra monster has past one, nevertheless it will get an additional response which might be used just for Alternative Assaults.

Wakeful: Through the hydra sleeps, then additionally at the least certainly one of its heads is awake.


Multiattack: The hydra monster could make as many chew assaults because it has the heads.

Chew: Through the use of this chew assault it could actually make a Melee Weapon Assault: +8 to hit, attain 10 ft., one goal. Hit: 10 (1d10 + 5) piercing injury.

Attributes Of Hydra Monster DnD 5E

AC 15 (Pure Armor)
Alignment Unaligned
CON 20
Problem Ranking 8
DEX 12
HP 172 (15d12+75)
Passive Notion 16
Roll 0 1d20 + 8 1d10+5
STR 20
Senses Darkvision 60 Ft.
Measurement Big
Abilities Notion +6
Pace 30 ft., swim 30 ft.
Kind monstrosity
WIS 10