Multiattack: This harpy monster in dnd 5e has multiattack possibility, by this the harpy can makes two assaults comparable to : one with its claws and one with its membership.

Claws: By utilizing the claws this monster could make a Melee Weapon Assault: +3 to hit, attain 5 ft., one goal. Hit: 6 (2d4 + 1) slashing harm.

Membership: By utilizing this membership assault this harpy monster could make a Melee Weapon Assault: +3 to hit, attain 5 ft., one goal. Hit: 3 (1d4 + 1) bludgeoning harm.

Luring Music: Principally, the harpy can sing the magical melody. Each humanoid and likewise the enormous which is inside 300 ft.,  of the harpy which might capable of right here the track needs to be succeeded on the DC 11 knowledge saving throw or else be charmed till except the track could be finish.

Principally, the harpy monster ought to take a bonus motion on its subsequent turns for persevering with its singing. It can also cease singing at any scenario. The track in all probability ends if the harpy is Incapacitated. Any how, whereas it’s charmed by the harpy, and likewise a goal is incapacitated and likewise ignores a number of the songs of another harpies.  Suppose, the charmed goal is greater than 5 ft., away from this harpy and likewise the should transfer on its flip in the direction of a harpy by essentially the most direct route.

It mainly doesn’t keep away from a possibility assaults, however earlier than it’s transferring into a harmful terrain, just like the lava or else a pit and even each time it might take the harm from a special supply apart from a harpy, regardless that a goal succesful to repeat the saving throw. After all a creature can even repeat its saving throw at an finish of every of its turns. if the creature’s saving throw is profitable, so the impact ends on it too.

Truly, a goal which is efficiently saves has been proof against this harpy’s track for the subsequent 24 hours.

Attributes Of Harpy Monster DnD 5E

AC 11
Alignment Chaotic Evil
CHA 13
CON 12
Problem Score 1
DEX 13
HP 38 (7d8+7)
Languages Frequent
Passive Notion 10
Roll 0 1d20 + 3 2d4+1
Roll 1 1d20 + 3 1d4+1
STR 12
Dimension Medium
Velocity 20 ft., fly 40 ft.
Kind monstrosity
WIS 10