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In dnd 5, there was an armed combat between those who were entertained, but also in roman republic and roman empire. There was a violent confrontation with almost all other gladiators as well as wild animals and even criminals. Some of these volunteers have risked their legal rights, their social standing and their lives by appearing in a gladiator arena. However, most of them were despised like the slaves, they’re schooled under harsh conditions, socially marginalized and they also segregated even in the death.

  • Skill Proficiencies: Athletics, Intimidation
  • Languages One of your choices (x1)
  • Equipment: A helmet and subligaculum, a trophy from someone you killed, or a unique weapon (gladius trident, net etc.). or shield and a pouch with 15 gp

Feature: Swagger

Because of this feature you’ve been received an advantage on the all types of charisma checks during you’re doing the fight. Even though, you’re not slowed down by the difficult terrain in the combat. You have the ability to cast Compelled duel spellNaturally (here you have the opportunity to use your charisma, such as your ability to spell cast), once for every long rest.

Suggested Characteristics

This dnd background will fight almost exclusively for the glory and honor of combat. They would show their fighting skills and masculinity. You are likely to see blood and death every day.