2nd-level conjuration

Casting Time 1 minute

The range Touch

Components: V, S

Duration: 1 hour

As per this dnd 5e Flock of Familiars spell you’re temporarily summon three familiars-some of the spirits which can take some animal forms of your choice. You can use the same rules for each familiar as well as the options to conjure a familiar with a find familiar spell dnd5e. Nearly all familiars conjured using this spell must be of the same type (celestials or fey; your choice). If you already have the familiar conjured using Find Familiar spell, or other similar means, then this flock of familiars spell will conjure one less familiar.

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This spell makes some familiars that can be summoned telepathically by you. They are also able to share their visual or other auditory senses with you if they are within a mile of you.

You can still cast this dnd magick by using a touch range. However, any of the familiars you conjure by this spell could deliver a spell as usual. The touch spell can be cast using only one familiar per turn.

Higher Levels Casting this dnd5e spell using the spell slots of 3rd or higher level spells will result in conjuring an additional familiar for each slot above 2nd.

Spell lists: Warlock, Wizard