Level: 6

Casting Time 1 Action

Area/Range: 60 feet

Components: V, S, M *

Duration: 1 Minute

School Transmutation

Attack/Save: CON Save

Damage/Effect Petrified

A creature that you can see within a certain range should be turned into the stone. Suppose, if the target’s body is made of the flesh, normally the creature should make the Constitution saving throw. It has been held down like it is flesh begins to harden after a failed save. On a successful save, the creature hasn’t been affected.

This spell restrains a creature so that it can make another Constitution saving throw at each end of each turn. If it succeeds in saving against this spell three times, the spell ends. If it fails, then it saves against this spell three times. The target is even turned to stone and placed in the petrified condition for a time. You don’t need to have consecutive successes and failures. Keep track of each until you reach three.

However, it is possible for the petrified creature to suffer similar deformities if it is physically injured.

However, if you keep your focus on the spell for as long as possible, the creature can be turned to the stone until its effect is gone.