Level: 3

Casting time: 1 Bonus Action

Range/Area Self

Components: V, S

Duration: 1 Minute

School Transmutation

Attack/Save: None

Damage/Effect Fire

While the dragon’s billowing flames can cover your feet, it can also give you an explosive speed. You will experience a 20 foot increase in speed for a period of time. The dragon does not attack, but it can cover your feet.

You can cause 1d6 fire damage to any creature or object within 5 feet of it if it is not being carried or worn. This damage cannot be taken by an object or creature more than once per turn.

Have you ever read? invisibility 5e spellYou can access it here if you don’t already have it.

At higher levels:

Cast the Flame Stride 5E spell using the spell slot of 4th or above to increase your speed by 5ft each time. Each slot above the third level will receive 1d6 fire damage.