Fire FormBasically, the fire elemental beast could move through space as narrow or wide as 1 inch without having to squeeze. The creature that touches an elemental, or hits it with a melee attack within 5ft. of the creature takes 5 (1d10) fire damages.

Additionally, the elemental has the ability to enter the hostile creature’s space and stops there. The creature takes 5 (1d10) Fire Damage the first time it enters the creature’s territory on a given turn. If someone does not intervene, then the creature takes 5 (1d10) Fire Damage at each turn.

Illumination: The elemental would be illuminated brightly in a 30-foot radius. Dim light can also be added at 30 feet.

Water susceptibility: Each elemental that can move in water at 5 feet per second, or for each gallon of water splashed on it. Mostly it takes 1 cold injury.

Take Action

Multiattack: Two touch attacks can be made by an elemental.

TouchUsing this touch attack, the dnd monster makes a Melee weapon attack: +6 to hit and reach 5 feet. One target. It also deals 10 (2d6 + 3) fire damage. It will also ignite if the target is a particular creature or flammable object.

Unless until the creature takes action to douse the flames, the target will take 5 (1d10) damage to each of its turns.

Attributes Of Fire Elmental Monster DnD5E

AC 13
Alignment Neutral
CON 16
Challenge Rating 5
Immunities to certain conditions Exhaustion, Grappled.
DEX 17
HP 102 (12d10+36).
Immunities Fire, Poison
Languages Ignan
Passive Perception 10
Resistances Bludgeoning and Piercing from Nonmagical Attacks
Roll 0 Touch 1d20 + 6 d6+3
STR 10
Senses Darkvision 60 Ft.
Size Large
Speed 50 ft.
Type elemental
WIS 10