Prerequisite: Elf (Excessive)

On this fey teleportation 5e feat your research of excessive elven lore has been unlocked the fey energy which few of the opposite elves posses, however besides your eladrin cousins. Nevertheless drawing in your fey ancestry, that you possibly can momentarily stride through a Feywild to shorten your path from one place to a different place. With this dnd 5e feat you’ll be able to achieve the under talked about benefits:

  • This fey teleportation dnd 5e feat can enhance your Intelligence or charisma rating by 1, as much as most of 20.
  • With this feat you’ll be able to be taught to talk, learn and likewise write the sylvan language 5e.
  • You too can be taught the misty step spell and even solid it as soon as with out expending the spell slot. You’ll be able to regain the power to solid it in such a method everytime you end a brief or lengthy relaxation. The Intelligence is your spellcasting means for this spell.