On this Fell Handed DnD 5E Feat you do grasp the handaxe, battleaxe, greataxe, warhammer, and likewise the maul. You’ll be able to achieve the beneath talked about advantages if you end up utilizing any of them:

  • You’ll be able to achieve one +1 bonus to assault rolls that you simply do make with a weapon.
  • Everytime you’ve a bonus on the melee assault roll that you simply truly make with the weapon and hit, you too can even knock the goal inclined at any time when if the decrease of the 2 d20 rolls would even be hit the goal.
  • However when the time you the drawback on single melee assault roll you do make with a weapon, the goal can also take the bludgeoning harm which is the same as your energy modifier (minimal of 0) suppose the assault misses however the larger of two d20 rolls would have hit.
  • If you use the assistance motion for help an ally’s melee assault trigger you’re wielding the weapon, you do knock the goal’s defend apart to momentarily. In an addition to this ally gaining benefit on an assault roll, the ally can achieve +2 bonus for the roll if the goal is utilizing one of many shields.