We are all spellcasters of every size! Welcoming to our spells discussion. Today we’re going to be taking a look at d&d 5e enlarge/reduce this is such a cool one i honestly love this play, so great thematically works great in combat. I just think it’s a hilarious spell. These will be the. Wizard, sorcerer and artificer which is amazing and it’s found in the good old Players handbook. Check out our other offerings. dnd 5e spellsPlease take a look at this page.

Enlarge/reduce 5e spell

  • Level: 2nd
  • Casting time: 1 Action
  • Range/Area 30 feet
  • Components: V, S, M *
  • Duration: 1 Minute (Concentration).
  • School Transmutation
  • Attack/Save: CON Save
  • Damage/Effect Buff

There are two sets of mechanics, one for the d&d5e enlarge section and one to handle the reduced section.

Also, if you enlarge a creatureThe size is doubled and the weight multiplied with 8. This is considered plus one. So if it’s a medium creature becomes a large creature etc.

They have access to strength checks and strength saves. This includes things like your athletic test. There are many benefits beyond just weight and size. You’ll to gain a +d for two weapon damage so long as you’re carrying a weapon while the spell is cast on you.

If you are Supply supply reverse effects were reduced. Your size is divided twice, and your weight is multiplied by 8. This will give you a size category that is minus 1. There are disadvantages to strength saves and checks. Weapon damage is also subtracted by 1D4. So it’s kind of two sides of the same coin which makes logical sense.


Enlarge 5e/reduce allows you to make an object or creature that you can clearly see grow in size or decrease for a specified time. Either a creature, or an object that is not worn or carried must be chosen. However, if the target was not willing to do so, then it could be able to make constitution saving throws. On a success, this enlarge/reduce 5e spell doesn’t have any effect.

If the target creature is a creature then everything it wears and even the items it carries will be reduced in size. Any item that is dropped by an affected creature will be returned to its normal size immediately.

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D&D 5E

As per this 5e enlarge the target’s size would be doubled in all of its dimensions, and its weight is multiplied by 8. This will usually increase its size by one category – from medium size to large within a space. The target still has an advantage in strength checks, as well as strength saving throws, until the end 5e of the enlarge spell. With its increased size, the target’s weapons will match it better. These weapons have been enlarged, and target attacks done by them do 1d4 more damage.

Reduce 5E

Accordingly, the target size of the vehicle has been reduced by half in all dimensions. Its weight has also been reduced to one-eighth normal. The target would see a decrease in size of one category (normally, from medium to small). The target will also be affected by the strength checks and strength saving throws until the end of the spell. The target’s weapons do also shrink to match its new size. While these weapons normally are reduced, the target attack’s by them deal 1d4 less damage (this can’t reduce the damage below 1).

Attributes of Enlarge 5E

Casting Time 1 Action
Classes Sorcerer, Wizard
Components V S M
Concentration Yes
Durability Maximum 1 Minute
Niveau 2
Material A pinch of iron powder
Range 30 feet
Save Constitution
Save Success The spell does not have any effect
School Transmutation
Other uses

This is a fantastic way to balance out encounters. Although one extra die for damage may not seem like much, it adds up quickly when you consider how many attackers it affects. Outside of that it’s a great way of drawing a grow or minimizing egg or depending on your position. Something worth noting is, it doesn’t affect the damage done by spells or done by other magical effects, so very important to know that.

Outside of that this is very useful when it comes to arena or gladiatorial, colosseum type settings or anytime there to confined space with an opponent as well and there’s this cool little trick you can do you reduce yourself and you fly around using mage hand, some DMS allow it some DMS don’t. But as per the rule of cool i certainly allow i think it’s hilarious.