The Goldmoon said softly, “We have not imagined that a beauty exists.” They knew that the reward would be nearly as great as their hopes, even though the march was hard. The group stood on the cliff that overlooked the legendary city Qualinost.

The four rose-shaped, slender spires would rise out of the corners of cities like the spindles with their sparkling white marbled by shining sterling and their glistening spindles. There were graceful arches that floated from one spire into the next, filling the air. These arches were created by ancient dwarven metallicsmiths and can support an entire army’s weight. The arches are so fragile that even a bird could light on them and cause them to lose balance. These arches glistening formed the city’s boundary. Qualinost had no walls. The city of the Elven has welcomed the wilderness.

The elves are magical people of otherworldly grace. They live in the world but are not part of it. They could be found in areas of ethereal beauty. They may be found in ancient forests or on silvery spires lit by faerie lights. You would hear soft music, and you might smell gentle scents in your breeze. Nature, magic and art, poetry, and all things. The elves would love the rest of the world.

Graceful and slim

The Elves are a lovely race with their earthly graces and beautiful features. They can be as short as humans, measuring between 5 and 6 feet. They are slimmer than people and only 100-145 lbs. The height of both males and females is almost the same. The males are Only marginally smaller than the females.

The color range of Elf skin is almost identical to that of human skin. The skin can be a variety colors including bronze, copper and almost bluish white. The elves have eyes that appear like pools of silver or gold and hair that is green and blue. The elves lack facial hair and body hair. They are drawn to elegant clothing in bright colors and very simple, but elegant jewelry.

A timeless perspective

The elves can live 700 years without too much difficulty, according to the dnd race. They just need to be able to see the bigger picture of what could happen than races with shorter lives. They are more interested in being curious than they are in getting excited.

Elves are able to stay aloof and not be affected by any kind or occurrence. Elves can focus and remain relentless in pursuit of their goals regardless of whether they are adventuring on a specific mission or learning new skills. They can be slow to make friends, but they can also be quick to make enemies. They can also be slower when they are forgotten. They’d respond to the petty insults with disdain, and even the more serious ones by a Revengeance.

Elfs are like young trees’ branches. Elves are flexible but could be in danger. They are open to compromise and diplomacy in order to end conflicts before they escalate into violence. They are known for resisting intrusions into the woodland homes they live in, but they also trust they will be able deal with them.

However, elves can also display their tough martial side by using the bow or sword whenever they are required. And strategic skills.

Hidden Woodland Realms

Elves live in small villages hidden among trees. The elves can hunt and gather food. They also have the ability to grow vegetables. They can live off the land thanks to their magic and skills. They are skilled artisans who can make finely crafted clothing and art objects. They are rarely in contact with outsiders. The few elves that can trade for metals, which they have no interest in, has made a decent existence.

Sometimes elves travel with minstrels and artists, so they are sometimes found outside their homes. Human nobles might compete to hire elf teachers to help them teach swordplay or magic to their people. The eir children.