The basic weapon spell was a third degree spell which supplies your weapon +1 to hit and likewise +1d4 elemental harm, plus extra +1/+1d4 per a further 2SL . In any other case the spells are largely similar. That is accessible in 237th web page of gamers handbook.

Overview Of Elemental Weapon 5e Spell

Truly, one of many non magical weapons which you’ve touched would change into a magic weapon 5e. As per this dnd 5e Elemental Weapon Spell you must selected one of many following harm varieties reminiscent of: acid, chilly, hearth, lightning, or else the thunder.

Usually, for the precise length, the 5e weapon has +1 bonus to assault rolls and likewise offers an additional 1d4 harm of a selected kind at any time when it hits.

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At Greater Ranges:

You may solid this Elemental Weapon 5e Spell however everytime you solid this dnd 5e spell through the use of the spell slot of fifth or sixth degree and likewise the bonus to assault rolls will increase to +2 and likewise the extra harm would improve to 2d4.

So everytime you use a spell slot of seventh degree or greater than the seventh degree, the bonus do improve to +3 and naturally the additional harm would improve to 3d4.

D&D 5E Elemental Weapon Spell Attributes

Degree 3
Faculty transmutation
Casting Time 1 Motion
Vary Contact
Parts V, S
Length Focus, as much as 1 hour

Elemental Weapon 5E