Weapon (any), varies

This Elemental Weapon 5e magic objects has been infused with elemental energy. It will inflict additional damage on every hit it receives. The damage type is determined by the dungeonmaster, or simply by rolling a 10 to select from the ten damage types. Extra damage is determined by the weapon’s rarity and damage type. The chart below explains this.

Use force

Acid, Cold, Fire, Lightning, Necrotic,

Thunder, Radiant, and Poison
Common 1 1
Uncommon 1d4 1d6
Rare 1d12 2d6
Very rare 1d6 +1d8 2d8
Legendary 2d10 1d8 +1d10

Variant: +1 Elemental Weapon

You may be granted a +1 bonus to attack any rolls made with the elemental weapon 5,e magic object if the item is not at least “uncommon”. Every weapon with a +1 bonus will do additional damage to the same extent as if it were a lower rarity. An extremely rare +2 longsword lighting might grant an additional 2 bonus on attack rolls. If hit, it can also cause 1d6 lightning damage.

Variant: Elemental Weapon Of Resistance

A rare elemental weapon might grant you damage resistance for a damage type that is not listed in the preceding table. While the elemental weapon is being used, the radiant warhammer (or resistance) may give you resistance to necrotic injury. This type of elemental weapon has less damage than a lesser rarity (2).