Weapon (any), varies (requires attunement)

This Elemental Weapon 5e magic merchandise has been imbued by the basic vitality. Any kind of hit with it shall deal an additional injury. Principally, the kind of injury has been decided by the dungeon grasp, or else just by rolling a d10 for deciding from one of many ten injury varieties under. Principally, the quantity of any further injury is being decided by the weapon’s rarity and likewise its injury kind, as we talked about detailed within the under chart.

  Drive or

Acid, Chilly, Fireplace, Lightning, Necrotic,

Poison, Radiant, or Thunder
Frequent 1 1
Unusual 1d4 1d6
Uncommon 1d12 2d6
Very uncommon 1d6 + 1d8 2d8
Legendary 2d10 1d8 + 1d10

Variant: +1 Elemental Weapon

Suppose, the basic weapon 5e magic merchandise is of no less than “unusual” rarity, it might be granted you a +1 or else extra bonus to assault the rolls that you just make with it. For every +1 bonus the weapon has and the additional injury from it has been diminished like if it was one rarity class decrease. Truly, a really uncommon +2 longsword of lightning for an occasion might need a +2 bonus on assault rolls and naturally on a particular hit shall deal an additional 1d6 lightning injury.

Variant: Elemental Weapon of Resistance

Nevertheless if the basic weapon is as much as no less than a “uncommon” rarity, then it weapon would possibly grant you the injury resistance for an opposing injury kind on an previous chart. However throughout it’s wielded, a radiant warhammer of resistance is likely to be grant you the resistance for the necrotic injury, only for an occasion. Truly, the additional injury from one of these elemental weapon has been diminished like if its rarity class was 2 decrease.