Niveau:   7

Casting time:   1 Bonus Action

Area/Range:   Self (30 ft *)

Components:   V, S, M *

Duration:   1 Minute

School   Transmutation

Attack/Save:   DEX Save

Damage/Effect   Force

You can draw the magic of dragons to transform yourself by using your roar. You can also enjoy the benefits listed above until the spell is over.

  • This is the blindsight, which has a range of approximately 30 feet. But within that range, you are effectively capable of seeing anything that is not behind total cover, even though if you’re blinded or in the darkness. If a creature hides well, you can still see an invisible creature.
  • Your back is covered with Incorporeal wings, which give you a flying speed of 40 feet.
  • You can exhale the shimmering energy from a 30 foot cone whenever you cast this Draconic Transformation 5E spell. Each creature within an area should make a Dexterity saving throw. They will take 3d8 damage for a failed save, or half the damage for a successful save.