Wondrous item, common

This item will look like an oblong, small piece of stone or a little bit longer. The item is typically a gently drawn object to its location. This can vary depending on which dowsing stones you use. The pull force is typically the weakest. This is because the creature holds the item long enough for it to feel the pull. It should not be placed on the ground, as the pulling force won’t allow the stone to roll through dirt, sand, or other clumps.

Sometimes the Dowsing stone magic items can be sold to help you locate known places. Many of these stones can be colored or painted in the colors and patterns that correspond with their target locations. You can see the wheat-colored stone that is drawn toward the village where it was grown.

Stones with a connection to remote or difficult locations tend to be rarer and more valuable than others. To create dowsing stones, you could also use the dowse-location spell.