The Dove’s Harp DnD5E Item was used for enchantment of the musical instruments in elven Reation. The Dove Falconhand owned the identical item. It is its name. Their true names are lost in the ages. The dove’s harp can be described as a rare and wonderful item. You can purchase it from the Myth Drannor Cormanthor or cormyr.

DescriptionDove’s Harp DnD 5E Item

The Dove’s harp was a rectangualr masterwork instrument harp that featured a variety of strings between the twenty-six and thirty six.

The Powers of dnd5e Dove Harp Feat

The dove’s Harp played almost all creatures within 20 feet (approximately 6.9 meters) and temporarily removed them from any type of spells or effects that had caused insanity (similarly the greater restoration spell as well as the received effects a calm emotions spell).

Creatures that listened for 12 seconds or more were eligible to receive the cure light wounds effect. However, this power only works once in ten days. The magic light of the harpist was however just as powerful as that of the harp.


One possibility is that the dove’s Harps were created by someone skilled at creating these beautiful items. They may have also had access to light spells and calm emotions.