This is a type instrument. It is rare and uncommon. Attunement: Requires (but not the Bard). Weight: 2 lb (910g). The Doss 5e item was the magical masterwork and lute with multiple magical powers. It was actually one the instruments of bards.

The description, powers, and history can be viewed from the lines below. You can read more about the item in the paragraphs below.

DescriptionOf Doss-lute 5E Item

The doss lute 5e item was usually carved from the alder wood and  of a graceful, pear-shaped form too. It abstracts the copper inlaid designs in the wood.

The Item: Powers of Doss Lut

It can have different powers, such as: The skilled bard was able use the magic of lute to delay (or even neutralize) poison. He also cast spells that hold person and the ghostly visage. Each one is only once per day.

So, in an addition, the lute could be aid the bard’s skills in the captivating an audience, making the suggestions, and also in using the song for counter the sound-based spells.

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HistoriesDoss Lute

According to legend, Falataer, a Moonshaes legendary bard, invented the first Doss Lute item.  Naturally, he used the lute for both the reward and test students of his bardic school. The design was copied by the subsequent bards, but they kept the same name. In 1356 DR, the merchant Sali Dalib in the calimport claimed to have the Doss Lute for sale “cheap”.