Heroism Spell 5E

In dnd5e heroism spell, a willing creature that you touch has been imbued in bravery. The creature will be immune to fear until the spell ends. It will also gain temporary hit points equal to its spellcasting ability modifier each turn.

The spell will end and the target would lose any temporary hit points it has from the heroism 5e spell.

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Heroism at Higher Levels of D&D 5E

Cast this spell using the spell slot of 2nd or higher level. Then you can target additional creatures for each slot that is higher than the 1st.

Attributes Of Heroism D&D 5E

Casting Time 1 Action
Classes Bard, Paladin
Components V
Concentration Yes
Time As little as 1 minute
Higher Spell Slot Desc Casting this spell with a slot level 2nd or higher allows you to target one more creature for every slot level above 1.
Niveau 1
Name Heroism
The Range Touch
School Enchantment
Target Touch a willing creature