This Fochlucan Barore dnd 5e is the masterwork magical barore, and one of the Bards instruments. We will provide a detailed explanation of its history, powers, and description. These information are in the following lines. It is a wondrous item. It is very rare and requires an Attunement. However, it is only available to bards.

DescriptionFochlucan Bandore Item

These Fochlucan barores were similar to lutes in that they were made almost entirely of striated maplewood. They were also inset with tiger’s eyes stones.

The Powers

Fochlucan bandsores were generally better than other bandores in all ways. They could only be used by bards, just like other bard instruments. They could be dangerous even if they were carried around or played with.

Bards with Fochlucan braceletore usually had their own magic charm abilities.

Like other bards’ instruments these bandores could store different spells. Fochlucan bards were able to invoke spells like fly and invisibility. They can also protect against evil and good.

Even though the Fochlucan bandsores were present in the past, the 1372 DR Year of Wild Magic saw those who found them only casting cast Light? flare? Mending?, and messageEach one is a day.

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Falataer was a legendary bard from Moonshae Isles who created the Fochlucan primary barores. They were used by Falataer to reward and test students at the Fochlucan level of his bardic college. This college was considered a legendary bard college.

Over time, the original design of the bards was copied. Falataer however kept the name unchanged in his honour.