Prerequisite: Dragonborn

When this dnd 5e dragon worry feat has angered, you’ll be able to radiate the menace. It’s also possible to acquire the beneath talked about advantages:

  • As per this dnd 5e feat you possibly can improve your energy, Structure, or Charisma rating by 1, as much as a most of 20.
  • However as a substitute of exhaling the damaging power, you possibly can expend the usage of your breath weapon trait to the roar, by forcing every creature relies upon upon your selection inside nearly 30 ft of you to make the knowledge saving throw (DC 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Charisma modifier). A selected goal will routinely succeed on a save if it cannot hear you or see you. On a specific failed save, the goal would change into frightened goal takes any kind of injury, nevertheless it might probably repeat the saving throw, by ending the impact on itself on the success.