In dnd 5e backgrounds the dnd 5e dragon casualty is without doubt one of the most usable one. If you need to make use of this then you could know of its characteristic, advised traits and plenty of extra about it. We talked about all of them down under you’ll be able to verify them now. You may additionally prefer to learn our different backgrounds that we talked about in a desk check them once.


Each time the Maimed Virulence descended upon Phlan, in fact you’re considered one of an unlucky casualties of battle. Nevertheless it captured on the time of an preliminary assault, you have got already spent the final yr of your life as a plaything of a capricious and naturally malevolent overlord. Any how whereas so lots of your fellow prisoners shall fell to the dragon’s insatiable fury over coming months, in fact you and likewise your fellow “survivors” have been spared just for the more serious destiny like one of many dragon’s magical experiments, by leaving you and people who has been survived a torture scarred and disfigured.

Regardless of the causes the dragon had for being releasing you few survivors, that no one is aware of. Nevertheless, you solely concern which those that had died beneath his horrible claw have been the fortunate ones, and even you and likewise your fellow Dragonscarred are being domed for a selected destiny worse than the dying.

  • Ability Proficiencies: Intimidation, Survival
  • Software Proficiencies: Particular (see origin under)
  • Languages: Draconic
  • Tools: A dagger, tattered rags, a loaf of moldy bread, a small cast-off scale belonging to Vorgansharax – the Maimed Virulence, and a pouch with 5 gp of varied cash (salvaged throughout your escape from Phlan).
  • Way of life: Wretched


Previous to a coordinated assault by a Maimed Virulence and likewise her insurgent Black Fist supporters, that you just have been as soon as the citizen or else the customer to Phlan. Whereas the trauma of your most up-to-date ordeal has tremendously altered your motivations and possibly the notion of world. Your former life continues to be clings for you and the colours your mannerisms, behaviors, and outlook on life. You may choose one entry on the under talked about desk (or roll randomly) in an effort to decide of your occupation earlier than your incarceration and the torture you’re taken. After all your alternative can determines your instrument proficiency from this background.

d8 Origin (Occupation) Software Proficiency
1 Dockworker/Fisherman Autos (water)
2 Tradesperson/Service provider Artisan’s Instruments
3 Black Fist Soldier Gaming set or Autos (land)
4 Adventurer/Customer Autos (land)
5 Entertainer Musical Instrument
6 Scholar/Healer Alchemist’s Provides or Herbalism Equipment
7 Felony Thieves’ Instruments, Forgery Equipment, or Disguise Equipment
8 Unskilled Laborer Gaming Set
Characteristic: Dragonscarred

Over a interval of many months you’re subjected to magical and likewise mundane the torture on the claws of Vorgansharax and his minions. All of those experiments have go away you horribly disfigured however in fact mark you want a survivor of a Maimed Virulence. This shall be afford you a measure of fame and likewise notoriety. Any how for individuals who know of your harrowing ordeal are eager for listening to of the story personally nevertheless it makes it issue to disguise your look and conceal from prying eyes.

You can parlay this consideration into entry for the individuals and locations chances are you’ll not in any other case have, for you and likewise your companions. Nobles, students, mages, and people who seeks to be ferret out the secrets and techniques of a Maimed Virulence would all be eager to listen to your story of survival, and likewise be taught what secrets and techniques (if any)  you is likely to be possess, and/or research your affliction with nice curiosity.

So, you do concern that your afflictions are usually not utterly be mundane and that the Maimed Virulence might like but have some nefarious cause for permitting your escape, like your scars burn with an acidic fury and likewise appear for the writhe beneath of your pores and skin at occasions.

Word: This characteristic is the variant of a Far Traveler characteristic.

Disfigurement (Non-compulsory)

In an addition to the intensive scarring, chances are you’ll choose one of many under given choices in an effort to symbolize your disfigurement. This shall disfigurement is solely beauty, misshapen, and horrific to look upon.

d8 Disfigurement
1 Small non-functional wing(s).
2 Misshapen, wing-like membranes alongside one or each arms.
3 Elongated, claw-like hand(s).
4 Elongated, claw-like ft.
5 Painful inexperienced scales randomly embedded in pores and skin.
6 Bulbous, reptilian eye(s).
7 Enlarged dorsal spines.
8 Hair changed with small irregular spines.

Instructed Traits

Character Trait

D8 Character Trait
1 I’m pushed to flee my previous, and infrequently keep in a single place lengthy.
2 I do know secrets and techniques of the Maimed Virulence, however concern the hurt that will befall me ought to others be taught them.
3 Talking of my ordeal helps sooth the nonetheless open wounds in my soul.
4 My former life is meaningless, and was ripped to shreds by the claws of Vorgansharax. All that issues now’s what I do with the long run.
5 I’ve confronted the worst a dragon can ship and survived. I’m fearless, and my resolve unshakable.
6 I’m haunted by my tortured previous, and wake at night time screaming at half-remembered horrors.
7 I sleep with my again to a wall or tree, and a weapon inside arm’s attain.
8 I’m sluggish to belief, however extremely loyal to those that have earned it.


d6 Ultimate
1 Survivor: Irrespective of the price, I’ll take any motion essential to survive (any).
2 Independence: When in hassle, the one individual I can depend on is myself (Chaotic).
3 Compassionate: I’ve suffered lengthy by the hands of a Dragon, and take pity and compassion on the struggling of others (Good).
4 Secretive: I’m withdrawn, and conceal my monstrous look for concern of drawing undesirable consideration (Chaotic).
5 Justice: I’ve been wronged, and won’t enable the identical destiny to befall others (Lawful).
6 Sycophant: Throughout my ordeal, I turned a keen servant of the Maimed Virulence, and spy on his behalf (evil).


d6 Bond
1 I’ve sworn vengeance on the Maimed Virulence and people who observe him.
2 I lengthy to reunite with family and friends who might dwell among the many Phlan Refugees, and defend them.
3 Whereas a prisoner of the Maimed Virulence, I overheard rumors of an merchandise or treasure the Dragon seeks. I’ll have that treasure for myself!
4 I search to reclaim and rebuild my former life to the most effective of my potential.
5 I’ve been reborn as a toddler of Vorgansharax. I’ll declare my birthright as his chosen inheritor and successor.
6 I attribute my survival to the work of the divine, and search to show myself worthy of the dignity.


d6 Flaw
1 I’ve been touched with dragon-greed, and have a lust for wealth which may by no means be glad.
2 I secretly imagine others are plotting to hurt me
3 I not benefit from the easy pleasures in life. Meals is however ashes and bile in my throat.
4 Anybody who refuses to have a good time my celeb doesn’t deserve my firm.
5 I’m paranoid and overly suspicious of others. Anybody could also be an agent of the Maimed Virulence.
6 As soon as I make up my thoughts, I observe my chosen plan of action whatever the penalties.