Zakhara has the Darbukkah (a type of musical instrument). The Darbukkah, a medium-sized Zakharan drum called Darbukkah (dar BOOKK-kah), is actually the Darbukkah. Here’s the Darbukkah description. It is now available for you to check.

Description Of DnD 5E Darbukkah Item

The darbukkah actually refers to the vase-shaped drum with a wider top. Darbukkahs were usually 2 feet high and could be played while the person was kneeling. The tallest darbukkahs of the Isle of the Elephant and Ruined Kingdoms stood at 4 feet. You could play them standing up or mounted on the elephant’s back.

Darbukkahs are usually made from hard wood. You could also find decorative art from master craftsmen. However, the head was made from the skins of jungle animals.