Depending on the reason for drinking, the vice of alcohol can have a grip on your heart or liver. You might have turned to fermented fruit or grains as a means of solace or to deal with past trauma. The bitter taste may have been so appealing that you will do almost anything to get a little bit of this bitter-tasting substance. The beer goggles allow you to live your life as normal. It is easy to see how your life has spiraled beyond your control. Many people suggested you seek help. You might be doing this because you want to seek help. Perhaps you are looking for more gold to satisfy your addiction.

  • Skill Proficiencies Medicine and Sleight of Hand
  • Tool Proficiencies: Tools for Brewers and Thieves
  • Equipment A flask containing your favorite alcohol, common clothes, common clothing, and 5 sp.

Drink of Choice

If necessary, you will likely consume any type or alcohol. Perhaps you are new to alcohol, or maybe you just love the taste. It doesn’t matter what it could be, you’re utterly addicted to alcohol and vulnerable to its lure.

d6 Drink of Choice
1 Beer
2 Wine
3 Rum
4 Mead
5 Brandy
6 Scotch


You may be able to recognize signs and offer support for others if you have ever suffered from alcohol addiction. It’s possible to notice a shift in your attitude when you stop drinking.

Alternate feature: Pitiful

You are an Alcoholic because you love the person you drink so much that you will forgo the pub to go to the inn. People have treated you with condescending pity. They might be able to find you a room if you don’t drink throughout your stay. The individual can decide if they keep their word.

Alternate feature: Strong-headed

Your tolerance to alcohol is almost complete. This gives you an advantage over Constitutional checks related to alcohol. It is possible to still drink alcohol three times before feeling even slightly tipsy.

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Suggested Characteristics

Alcoholics are not to be envied. However, they can be a sad group who feel the need to drink. This should be reflected in their personalities.

Personality traits

D8 Personality trait
1 I am an expert in the use of crocodile tears. I can use them to get anything I want from anyone.
2 I am open to any distractions from my monotonous existence.
3 After a few drinks, I found everyone is a lot more attractive.
4 I find it easier to fall asleep on a wooden table than a bed.
5 The smell of alcohol is something I find revolting but find it appealing.
6 I’ve found that praying to Gods is ineffective. So, I decided to stop believing in religion.
7 I don’t like confrontations about my problematic behavior.
8 I have a fragile ego and senses of self.


D6 Ideal
1 Self-Service.


Self-serving. (Evil)
2 Idealistic. I have hope. (Good)
3 Drinking. I don’t care too much about anything other than alcohol. (Neutral)
4 Tempered. Although I believe I can drink within acceptable limits, I still need alcohol every day. (Lawful
5 Hedonism.

5Hedonism. (Chaotic).
6 Change. I want to make a difference and be a better person. (Any)
d6 Bond
1 I have one friend in common with the barkeep at my local pub.
2 I’ve abandoned my family to drink alcohol and I want to make it right.
3 I have at least one night with someone who is a little bitter towards my.
4 My drinking friends and I lost a lot by refusing to drink alcohol.
5 To avoid drinking, I have kept myself in a safe place.
6 I have at most one illegitimate offspring from a drinking binge.
d6 Flaw
1 I drink to escape my problems.
2 From the time I was drunk, I owe a lot to people.
3 Loyalty to any person is fine, but I’m not a fan of alcohol.
4 I use my drinking to justify being a horrible person.
5 I believe that anyone who decides not to drink is a sanctimonious jerk.
6 My problems are not mine to blame.